Pastor, Are You Trying to Wear Saul’s Armor?

I have experienced this struggle, and I think many others do who preach the Word regularly.  I have heard very effective communicators of the Word and wished I could emulate their delivery.  I know of exceptional expositors of the Word, and wish I could replicate the quality of their content.  This article addresses some mistakes preachers make.  Several of the points were good reminders for me, especially point 3 about “wearing Saul’s armor.”  We can all grow and improve, but need to remember to be who God made us to be, and that includes in our pulpit ministry.

3 thoughts on “Pastor, Are You Trying to Wear Saul’s Armor?”

  1. Mike, thank you for highlighting that one. We preachers can oversimplify, endeavoring to connect with unbelievers and people who need “milk”, and not go deep and provide the nourishment that more complex truth gives to mature believers. And hard truth stretches the minds and hearts of the newer believers, helping them grow. Good reminder.

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