Interactive Bible Reading

A lot of people are probably thinking about reading the Bible meaningfully in the upcoming year.  Christians know that internalizing the Word is the primary means of spiritual growth.  I love to not only read, but interact with the Word as I read.  I’m going to share a few of the ways I do this.  It will probably take me a few posts.

First, here is my Bible.  It was a very special gift, given to me by my family on my 50th birthday last February.


For me, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime acquisition, as this particular Bible is high-quality and relatively high-priced.  It is the Schuyler Single Column New King James Version, covered in Brown Cantara Goatskin.  This Bible is published by, an organization new to me when I began searching for a high quality Bible. I’ve been very pleased with their product as well as their philosophy and mission.  Here are some of the key features of my Bible (taken from their website):

  • Single column paragraph format
  • Cantara Goatskin (available in Black and Dark Brown)
  • Edge lined and hand stitched around its perimeter
  • 3 Ribbon Markers
  • Trim size (Paper size – not with binding) of 6.50″ x 9.25″
  • Font 10.5-Bold
  • Thickness: 1.25″
  • Margin Size – .78”
  • Art Gilt Edges (Red Under Gold)
  • Smyth-Sewn Binding
  • Printed and Bound in the Netherlands by Jongbloed

Two of the features that help make it interactive for me is the single-column paragraph format and the spacious margins.  The single-column format makes it read more like a narrative than individual verses.  I can follow the author’s flow of thought better.  Although it isn’t called a “wide-margin” Bible, there is room to write especially on the side of the page toward the binding.  So I am able to write notes with my “Bible-reading” pens (more on that later).  Here are a few samples of my margin notes.


Titus 2


Romans 6


In my next post I’ll explain the significance of the pen colors I use.

2 thoughts on “Interactive Bible Reading”

  1. Hello brother Taylor, i just wondering where i could find this beautiful bible, with the same color? (Cantara)? i’m now in evangelist mission in south Asia, the i could only order from internet, but i really wish find it, i tried to find on evangelicalbible, and also on many others websites, in vain…

    If you have some help to bring, thank you so much!

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