Keeping Your Voice Strong for Lifelong Ministry

Have you heard of glottal fry? Should you preach with a sore throat? Want to nerd out with a speech pathologist on vocal mechanics? What are some bad speaking habits you should avoid? Should you use amplification even in smaller settings?

Every trade or profession has its tools. A carpenter uses a saw, a surgeon uses a scalpel, a graphic artist uses design software, and so on. As a minister of the Word you have several instruments you use to do your work. One that is very critical is your voice.

You need to take care of your voice, use it correctly, and protect it from damage. A strong voice is essential to long term ministry of the Word.

Episode 19 of the Shepherdology Podcast is an interview with Speech-Language Pathologist Elena Kimbrough. She has a passion to help communicators develop and protect their voices. Listen and learn how to keep your voice strong so it will last as long as your ministry. This info applies to online preaching too!

Click here to listen to Shepherdology Podcast Episode 19 – Keeping Your Voice Strong for Lifelong Ministry.


READ Exodus 15:1-18

This is Moses’ and the Israelites’ song of praise after God performed the spectacular work of delivering them from the Egyptians by opening the Red Sea.

God did a spectacular work yesterday. If you are a preacher of the Word, He enabled you to declare eternal, soul-saving, life-transforming truth. He brought the dead to life, made holy the profane, caused the simple to be wise, changed darkness into light.

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Just as God miraculously opened the Red Sea for the Israelites to escape from the Egyptian army, He worked spectacularly through His Word as you ministered it.

He accomplished His purpose, displayed His power, performed His work, and built up the church and caused it to grow.

Regardless of how you feel about yesterday, if you even merely read Scripture to people, God was doing a great work. If you explained it, applied it, and exhorted people to heed it, then you provided the means for supernatural work in individual lives.

So look back and, like Moses, praise God for His glorious character (Exodus 15:6-7), His matchless power (11), and His steadfast love (13).

You have enabled me to do hard, even impossible things that are your will. You strengthened me to share your wonderful Word.

I lift my praise to you for your glorious character, matchless power, and steadfast love. I praise you for the spectacular ways you have delivered me and guided my life. Thank you for using me in the lives of others who will praise you as well.

You reign, forever and ever. Amen.

Pastor, Are You Trying to Wear Saul’s Armor?

I have experienced this struggle, and I think many others do who preach the Word regularly.  I have heard very effective communicators of the Word and wished I could emulate their delivery.  I know of exceptional expositors of the Word, and wish I could replicate the quality of their content.  This article addresses some mistakes preachers make.  Several of the points were good reminders for me, especially point 3 about “wearing Saul’s armor.”  We can all grow and improve, but need to remember to be who God made us to be, and that includes in our pulpit ministry.

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