4 thoughts on ““Paper Pastors””

  1. Dear Pastor,

    Being physically disabled, I may have read this with a different perspective. I don’t get to church as often as others, mostly because I can’t sit or stand for very long (lately less than 30 minutes at a time), not because I can’t stand the church! That being said, I found this article to be a great warning to those of us who can’t attend church.

    It could be so easy to allow that paper, digital or TV pastor to become someone’s “real” pastor, when that would be the farthest from the truth. As great as some of our past teachers could be, they cannot know us, nor the time in which we live. Without that contact with a real, live, true man of God we can easily make up our own dogma. We could then share that, and cause our brother or sister to stumble. That, and it surely takes away from the prayers our real pastors need today.

    In case you’re wondering, Pastor Graziano and I speak often on the phone, and a couple of weeks ago, we met in his office. I am blessed to call him both a friend and mentor. At times, he has come here. I also heard from Pastor Stan recently and have been in touch with Pastor Hutcheson about my teen. My wife Stefanie just this morning was talking about listening to one of Patch’s CD’s as she was on her way to to her office to pack up her desk, as she was laid off last Friday. It gave her comfort. You staff is wonderful, and your sermons on sermon audio and this blog are instrumental in my being fed in the Spirit. My prayers are with you, your family and staff daily. Thank you for all you do. Tom

  2. Thank you Tom for these great thoughts. I know you take advantage of the paper and electronic media for feeding your soul. They are great tools.

    I also encourage people to read and listen to the many good sources that are available today. Just this morning I read several chapters of a wonderful devotional book written by one of the “dead” ones – my heart is now greatly enriched and enlivened by what I read. I do not feel threatened by the people I serve listening to other voices as long as they are discerning.

    I am sorry to hear about Stefanie. We will pray for God to provide for you both and to lead to what is next for you in His plan.

    Thanks for taking the time to write!

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