Sandra Binney

Jim and Sandra Binney
Jim and Sandra Binney

I don’t know how many pastors, missionaries, and churches Dr. Jim and Sandra Binney have helped.  I know they have helped me.

Sandra fought hard and long, but ultimately the cancer that afflicted her was the means God used to take her from her earthly body and bring her to her eternal home just after 3 am, Sunday, April 19.

My first acquaintance with the Binneys was at Northland Family Camp about ten years ago.  Jim helped my heart and my church then.  I remember him calling Sandra “drop-dead gorgeous.”  She is!  We loved them so much that week we took them home with us.  Jim was free the weekend following camp, and agreed to come to our church and preach that Sunday.

My appreciation for the Binneys grew when I was called to pastor Calvary in 2003.  Jim had been the interim pastor for the previous year.  He and Sandra faithfully guided the flock through a critical transition period and prepared the way for the new shepherd.

Since then, Jim has been a mentor to me, encouraging and praying for me, counseling me through struggles, and helping me with some extremely challenging ministry issues.  Jim has driven me deep into the Word.  He has shown me how to experience fullness of life in Jesus Christ.  I can honestly say that I would not be ministering today were it not for Jim and Sandra Binney’s influence in my life.

Sandra is warm, gracious and dignified.  She is the ultimate in extending hospitality.  She has been Jim’s partner in making many discouraged, hurting, fallen servants of God feel welcome, at ease, and comfortable sharing their deepest struggles so that they could receive genuine, nonjudgmental, life-giving counsel.  She has played a vital role in restoring hurting, desperate, broken ministry workers to wholeness and fruitfulness.

Jim and Sandra together have rescued many, many servants of God – their personal lives, marriages, and ministries – from defeat and ruin.  They have prevented many problems as well by equipping through conferences, books, and personal counsel.  Jim is the preacher, counselor, and writer, but Sandra has always been his perfect complement and assistant.  Only the Master knows all that Sandra has done for His servants and His name.

I hurt for Jim.  I miss Sandra.  I wonder if the members and ministers of Christ’s body will realize what we have lost.

I know Sandra is already enraptured in the eternal celebration.  Her being there heightens my anticipation.

Enjoy, Sandra.  We’ll be there soon.

9 thoughts on “Sandra Binney”

  1. Thank you Pastor Taylor, for the tribute to Sandra’s life and the ministry that she and Dr. Binney had together. Sandra was a very special person. She was the first “genuine” Christian that I ever had the privilege to know personally. She taught me that it is okay to be the person that God made you to be, that we all have a place in God’s plan and that He loves us unconditionally and wants to use us no matter what we had experienced in the past. I was blessed in a wonderful way by being able to help the Binney’s in their ministry by preparing lunch & dinner for the couples who attended their week-long sessions. While working with Sandra in the kitchen, God used her to begin the healing process in my hurting heart. She was able to see the Lord’s hand in the smallest details and I will never forget and am forever changed by the influence that she had in my life during those precious months. She remained a true friend these past years and though I know she is enjoying the splendors of heaven with the God she loves, I will miss her dearly.

  2. We have enjoyed Jim & Sandra for years, and will miss Sandra’s smile. What a selfless couple these two have been, and how influential in the cause of Christ! May the Lord comfort Jim and make His presence known in supernatural ways as he walks through this shadowy time.

  3. I have often commented that I felt that the reason God took the time that he did in bringing a new pastor to Calvary Baptist Church was because He was speaking to His people in a special way. I believe Jim Binney was a unique conduit to deliver to us special specific messages God knew we needed to hear. When those messages were finished God’s timing was complete and we became responsible for His message. What a wonderful ministry this lovely couple shared. I cannot imagine being able to love an interim pastor and his wife more than Jim and Sandra.
    My family and I have prayed daily for them during these recent weeks. I know our prays have been answered but this is difficult. We know the tears are ours but they are profound. Sandra has graduated and I’m sure she is loving being in the presence of her Savior and Lord. Until we meet again Sandra will be greatly missed.

  4. You are so right Pastor. She was the picture of of a godly woman. She was an amazing help meet as well.What an example to us Ladies.

    Heaven is sweeter. We will miss that beautiful woman. Inside and out.

  5. I have loved and admired Mrs. Binney for a long time. The Binneys became so very dear to us when Pastor Binney was interim. I did not know them extremely well, and, of course, I wish I had known her better. The testimony of her life is challenging me greatly in my Christian walk and my walk as a help meet for my husband. I was blessed to have known her, and I will miss her gentle joyful spirit.

  6. I did not know the Binney’s, we joined at the time when Dr. Binney spoke on a Sunday night. I spoke briefly with him. While he was speaking, something in his voice and message broke my heart. All I could do was lift him up in prayer the whole service. I am taking classes to become a licensed counselor and when my prevoius husband passed away in my home in 2002 it broke my heart. I know he is with the Lord just like Sandra. I prayed so much for Dr. Binney and know the grief of a loved one leaving. Your sad for the loss and happy for the pain and suffering is no longer there and the joy of the presence of the Lord for the loved one. What an honor to have such a life lived for God. If each of us as Christians could have someone say the words that Pastor Taylor has said of Mrs. Binney the world would truly be a more wonderful place to live in for everyone. May each of us strive to be more like Christ, dying to self like it sounds Mrs Binney did. God Bless and hold you ever close to him Dr. Binney. All my prayers and thoughts are with you at your sorrow.

  7. Thank you for the tribute to Sandra’s ministry. Her life was such a reflection of God’s grace. She had a way of doing things that seemed trivial of their own right but in a way that showed she understood how they affected the Heavenly Mission. Her Servants heart was a true inspiration to many as an example of how we should trust that God needs us to do whatever He ask not just the Big tasks. I miss her and am sure Dr. Jim will long for Heaven more than ever because she is there. She was a dear friend and Loved us so sweetly when she came to the Hospital and brought my Beth a beautiful blonde wig when Chemo stole her hair. May God help us to help others the way she would have if she were here.

  8. Dear Beloved Servants in The Lord,

    Much greetings in the exalted name of our Loving Saviour Jesus Christ.

    What a wonderful thing to tell that through your website that you are a blessing to us.

    I am sorry that i have been doing much study with the board here without your knowledge about the teachings you are giving.Here we are of a small Christian ministry which i founded three years ago of now 32 members.

    I, my family and all these church members have accepted these teachings and have also kindly requested if you can allow and accept us to be part of your ministry so that we can get more teachings and prayer so as to grow Spritually.

    It will be ablessing for us to have also your statement of faith so that we can use it to teach others about this good news.

    As well we also have a programme to caring some orphans and at the moment we have 22 under my care though i request help to them through friends and christians.

    I hope to hear from you and also believe you to be ablessing to all of us and also accept us to your other church family.

    Pass our sincere regards and greetings to your family, Brothers and Sisters in christ as we shall all be glad to hear from you.
    Yours In His service,
    Pastor David

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