Why I Dedicated The Thriving Church to Marilyn Taylor

My 97-year-old mother has loved books as long as she can remember. This set was hers when she was young.

Mom was 40 when I was born. Can you imagine? My earliest memories include learning to read. Mom wanted me to enjoy the blessing of books like she did. Before I even started school, she taught me using McGuffey Readers. We still have them!

Through her lifetime, Mom’s love for God and for the church has been evident to everyone who knows her. She lives with my wife and me now, and she still faithfully goes to church with us.

Mom’s love for reading, for God, and for the church have shaped my life inestimably. I wished to acknowledge her influence in formulating The Thriving Church. So I dedicated it to her.

The Thriving Church will be available December 6, 2019 at JourneyForth.com, Amazon.com, Christianbooks.com, and the Faith Baptist Bible College Bookstore.

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