I Wrote The Thriving Church For You

Facebook2It’s hard to believe that in just 5 weeks The Thriving Church: The True Measure of Growth will be released. There’s an issue about the book I’d like to clarify. Some people might think it is written primarily for pastors. However it’s for everyone who wants to understand how they can help their church grow.

Several of the book’s features make it readable and usable for all church members.

  • It is written in a conversational tone. I’m talking to you.
  • I provide clear explanations in terms an average person can understand. In addition to defining key words and clarifying theological ideas, I use illustrations to help make these important concepts as clear as possible.
  • The book contains 13 chapters. A Sunday School class or Bible study group can go through them in a quarter.
  • There are discussion questions at the end of each chapter. These are designed to help church members interact with the principles in the chapter. The questions can be used by individuals, families, or small groups.
  • I intentionally include practical applications to help church members know how to help their church grow.

The Thriving Church is a resource for the whole church. I hope it will encourage you to help your church grow!

Release date is December 6.

Read The Thriving Church Backstory here.

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