Fulfilling a New Life Mission

Just over two years ago I adopted a new mission in life. Having a sense of mission has always helped me focus my energy and plan my time. While pastoring, my mission was to “shepherd the flock God has entrusted to my care.” When I moved into my new role as a professor of pastoral training, my mission changed.

Simply stated, it is: Equip men for ministry, encourage pastors, and strengthen churches.

My primary responsibility is to equip a new generation of pastors. This is what I do in the college setting. Additionally, I have a heart to encourage pastors through personal conversations as well as speaking opportunities. And I desire to point church leaders and members to Scriptural principles that build them up as a body.

I am currently enjoying several opportunities to fulfill the third part of this mission – strengthening churches. Some of these opportunities involve preaching in a church that is without a pastor – “pulpit supply” as it is sometimes called. One opportunity is a weekend Bible conference focused on a passage of Scripture related to unity in the church. Another is a weekend of ministry in which my wife Faith will speak to a ladies gathering and I will preach in the church on Sunday.

For any who may be interested, and for those who pray for us, here is our upcoming itinerary. There are others in 2019 which I’ll share later.

Sunday Oct 21 Calvary Baptist, Mt. Pleasant IA Morning Services
Saturday & Sunday              Nov 3-4 Calvary Baptist, Chatfield MN Bible Conference
Sunday Nov 11 Calvary Baptist, Mt. Pleasant IA Morning Services
Sunday Nov 18 Calvary Baptist, Mt. Pleasant IA Morning Services
Saturday & Sunday                Dec 1-2 Sunrise Bible Church, North Branch MN Ladies Christmas Tea (Faith)

Morning Service


One thought on “Fulfilling a New Life Mission”

  1. Thank you for sharing your itinerary. I will surely be keeping an eye on it and will come see you and Faith when it’s close enough from us.
    It was so good to see you both at our church anniversary. 😊

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