The “T” Word

This is a quick update for anyone who follows Speaking of God.

Who knows how many times I’ve used the word “transition” in the past two months? Much about my life and ministry is changing. We’ll move to our new home in Ankeny, Iowa, at the end of this month. I start as Professor of Pastoral Training at Faith Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary on August 1. God has been very good to me. He has led, provided, and encouraged in numerous ways during the past few months. I am excited for what is ahead!

This blog will transition as well. I plan to keep it up, but it will no longer be connected to Calvary Baptist Church in Simpsonville, where I have been pastoring. There will be no post notifications through the Calvary Internet sites. I will continue notifications through my personal Facebook page. My posts will be on similar themes related to Bible study, preaching, and pastoral ministry. But I will be more focused on content that will supplement my new role of equipping and encouraging people for vocational ministry.

Thanks for reading and following. I appreciate your prayer during this time of transition, and I look forward to sharing more on Speaking of God in the days ahead.

2 thoughts on “The “T” Word”

  1. Glad to know you will continue the Blog. I trust you and Faith will settle into small town life in Iowa and that your students will benefit from your dedicated and faithful teaching in service to our Lord. Dani and I certainly have.

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