A Place of Peace

IMG_0406-2In a few days, I will be here. This picture is a sunrise at the Sea of Galilee. I was there 2 years ago. My wife and I, about 20 people from our church, and 20 from other churches will spend almost two weeks together touring the land of Israel. Having been there once before, my anticipation of seeing the Bible in 3-D again is growing.

This place – The Sea of Galilee – is where the men lived and fished when Jesus called them to follow Him. Jesus lived next to it and walked the roads and hiked the hills around it. And he rode with his disciples on it in their boats. One time He slept in the boat. The disciples woke Him up during a life-threatening storm, and He said, “Hush, be still.” And it was.

Storm. Peace.

The Son of God. Lived here. Taught here. Healed here. Calmed this water. Showed His love and power.

He eventually traveled to Jerusalem, about 70 miles to the south. He was crucified there. He rose again. He returned to this place and talked with the disciples. He met them as they returned from a night of fishing but no catching. He gave them fish for breakfast. On the shore. Cooked over a fire.

Fish for breakfast is one of my favorite things in Israel – it’s on most of the breakfast buffets. Delicious. Meaningful. It speaks of Jesus’ power, provision, forgiveness, restoration, and commissioning to ministry. Just like Jesus did with Peter. Just like He has done with me.

I love this place.

A place of peace.

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