Ashley Madison

Busted. Broken. Wrecked marriage. Shame. Guilt. Despair. Now what? Payment. For your wrong. By Jesus. Still consequences. But guilt before God removed. Forgiveness. Possibility of change. Hope. Progress. Maybe restoration to the people you love. It’s possible. Read these words. Believe. Accept. Start walking. Grace.

2 thoughts on “Ashley Madison”

  1. Pastor –
    Excellent words.

    Several times I have been asked to counsel young people going into the business world. They typically are young men whose father or in one case, grandmother, brought them to meet with me. These young adults are almost finished college or are struggling with which area of business they should go into (some are in their 20’s). One of the things I always tell them is:
    – You will spend your life building others’ trust in you. The others will be co-workers, management, attorneys/CPA’s, IRS, judges/administrators of law in various jurisdictions, friends, family, etc. People will research you before they meet with you, whether they are considering hiring you or being your opponent in litigation, etc.
    – Before the first day of your job, pray and decide what you are willing to do and not willing to do. Never ever go back on what you know to be right. Never wait to decide when you are vulnerable and want to have friends at work.
    – It will mean you are not “one of the guys” and you won’t get invited to all the parties.
    – People may make fun of you. You won’t be in on the jokes around the office.
    – Some may avoid you. Others may try to hurt you or your career.
    – It will hurt. But, you will grow calluses and a spine…and more importantly, you can earn people’s respect for a lifetime. So that,
    – When you say something is true in business, they totally believe — because it is true. They know you always tell the truth. They know you are an advocate for the other side and will argue when it’s grey, because you are the advocate, but you don’t knowingly do wrong, nor allow a client to convince you to do wrong.
    – When you witness to them about God, they will respectfully listen. They might not believe, but they do listen and God can use you.
    – And yet, you can lose everything in one tiny second. So, think hard before you make your choices before that first day of work….what kind of person do you want to be on the last day that you work? What will others then think about you and our God?

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