Thank You

As we near the end of 2014, I want to say thank you to the people who read what I write and post here.  I started blogging in 2009 but my inspiration and motivation waned.  After a few posts the blog sat idle for some time. Then early in 2013 the desire to share my thoughts returned, and I started writing again. It seems this time around that my interest as well as that of readers like you has increased rather than diminished.  I hope that what I share is helpful and at times enjoyable.

Here are some facts:

Since the blog started, it has had 83,948 visits and views.

There are currently 71 followers (people who subscribe to receive a message about new posts).

The posts with the top number of views, other than three that had wide interest due to the personal nature of them, are:

– Are You A Legalist?
– What Flowers Won’t Fix
– Revival Meeting? Evangelistic Services? Gospel Conference??
– 10 Facts about Divine Election
– The Music that Moves Me
– Butterflies Aren’t In the Bible. Wait. . .
– I need help praying.
– I am weak therefore I am strong
– Questions about Patriotism in Church
– Seeing Through Suffering and Pain

Thank you for reading what I write.  I look forward to sharing more with you in the year ahead.  Have a blessed Christmas season and happy beginning to the new year.

One thought on “Thank You”

  1. I enjoy reading your posts, Pastor. So, I want to say thank you also to you. Merry Christmas and my warm regards to Faith, your mom and to the rest of the family.

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