10 Reasons to Move Out of the Country

Paul traveled to foreign cities, telling the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection for sinners everywhere he went.  He supported himself by making tents (Acts 18:1-4; 1 Thessalonians 2:9).  This model for self-supporting Gospel work has become known as “tentmaking.”  I encourage you to consider it, whether you are called to vocational mission work or you are a Christian who has a job, career, or profession that might allow you to work out of the country.  (I am primarily addressing US citizens, but the concept applies to others as well).

In a recent message, I presented 10 reasons why Christians should consider moving out of the country to a gospel-starved area, working to support themselves while having Gospel impact on the people around them.  The globalization of business, education, and medicine, and the possibility of working from anywhere with a high-speed Internet connection has greatly increased the opportunities for this.  If you haven’t heard the message, please listen to it here.  The main points are reproduced below without comment.  I have borrowed from various sources, including Worldwide Tentmakers and Globalopps.org.

Here are 10 reasons to consider the tentmaking model:

  1. Build relationships with people who are far from God.
  2. Establish the credibility of Christianity.
  3. Give people opportunity to see and know a Christian firsthand.
  4. Conserve missions funds for those who can’t go without support.
  5. Make Christ known in places where mission work is restricted.
  6. Overcome resistance with love.
  7. Maximize the portability of your occupation or profession.
  8. Help existing Gospel work.
  9. Use your skills for a Kingdom purpose.
  10. Experience the ultimate in adventure and fulfillment.

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