The Church Should Be Growing

Our church should be growing.  It’s in the Bible.  Ephesians 4:16 talks about “the growth of the body,” and the body is the church.  In fact, this verse says that something “causes” the body to grow.  With that in mind, here are four questions every church member should ask and answer:

  • What is growth?
  • What causes growth?
  • Am I helping or hindering my church’s growth?
  • How can I help make my church a growing body?

During June-August on Sunday mornings at Calvary, I will be preaching from Ephesians 4:1-16 on A Growing Body.  Will you plan and resolve to join us every Lord’s Day morning you can this summer as we discover the answers to the above questions?

This Sunday we will put in the hands of everyone who comes to our 10:30 service a tool that we will use to facilitate our learning and application of the truths in this passage.  I will also share with you how you will get to interact with your church family about these truths in small group gatherings.

Pray that God will help each of us do our part in making Calvary Baptist Church a growing body of believers for the glory of God.


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