What Flowers Won’t Fix

…is the theme of my message this Sunday morning at Calvary.  Yes, it’s my Mother’s Day message.  People are buying bazillions of flowers this weekend for mothers and wives, which is a great way to show love and honor.  But I am guessing that there are problems in many of those relationships between adult children and their mothers, and between husbands and their wives, that flowers won’t fix.  That’s what my message will address.  Join us Sunday morning, or listen here next week.

3 thoughts on “What Flowers Won’t Fix”

  1. Pastor Dean, This was a wonderful sermon and ade a special day even more special

  2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with fiowers, cards, and gifts in general, but the best gifts tfor Mom, one to know that her childern are saved and two, to see her childern walking with the Lord and three, to hear them say to me; Mom I love you so much!!! These are my best gifts. Thank you Br. Taylor for your message. I have never met you but this was special to me. Thank you again! May the Lord, comfort,strengthen, and the church, aiso, for the Hamilton family an extra abundance of love, grace, and mercy for this sad time. In Christ Love Sue Bonitatebus

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