Fishin’ and Prayin’

Rain spattered the surface of the river and dripped from the brim of my hat.  Dogwood petals, loosened by the raindrops, floated through the air and landed on a quiet pool just below the rapids.

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Thank You.

Was that…yes!  A fish stirred the water, looking for lunch.  I cast my sweet little spinner, right there.  Took it!

Really?! Thank You!!!

A nice Rainbow Trout!

Hiking downstream to the next likely spot. 

Lord, been studying Romans 6-8. Think I understand that “body of sin” in 6:6 means my physical body that is the vehicle, or instrument, of sin. “Done away with” means rendered powerless.  So what does that mean for me?  Will you help me know?  I’d really like to know. 

Pine needle path beneath my feet.  Spring leaves, green with new growth, made even brighter by the wetness of the rain, all around me.

Perfect place.  Perfect day. Fish don’t mind rain, do they? 

Climbed down the bank, stood on the sand at the edge of the water, checked for branches beside and above me where I might get tangled up.  A little tight, but if I get one, I’ll be ok if I pull to the left.  A few casts. . . there it is!  Feels strong!  Let it tire, then reel in.  Don’t want to lose this one.  Got it close, lifted my rod high and swung it behind me, remembering to go left, landing him on top of the bank. Scrambled up to grab him – another Rainbow, bigger than the last! Wow. 

Thank You!! 

Working my way back up river.

Lord, how does Romans 8 relate to Romans 6?  Specifically 8:11,”He will give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.”  Help me understand?

Along the path – tall plants I don’t know with hundreds of pink blossoms; forest floor sprinkled with Violets; a patch of white-petaled, pink-trimmed calf-high Trillium on the right.  Rocky rapids hallelujahing.  Tree frogs praise the Lord-ing.

Beautiful, Creator. Just beautiful. Love it!!! 

Few more stops.  Lots more casts.  Couple more fish.

So,Your Spirit in me helps me live out physically in life who I am positionally in Christ?  Please keep showing me this, please do this for me.  Oh God, how I need this, want this . . .

Home.  Trout in the pan.  Sitting down to eat with the fam.

Thank You.

Perfect day.

3 thoughts on “Fishin’ and Prayin’”

  1. Great truths. Meditating myself today on the “now no condemnation” from 8:1.

    The trout were great!

  2. Memorizing Romans 6 and 8 (8 is easier to remember) is such an encouragement when I choose to bring it to mind. WHen you preach on those verses, my heart yells, hey those are my verses. So much there to encourage us on a spirit filled life.

  3. It is truly amazing how the beauty of God’s creation is all around us all of the time and we sometimes just need to stop and appreciate with all of our senses the wonder of his Mighty hand.

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