God has spoken to us. We have His Word.

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I began a series in our Sunday evening service February 15 about the Bible.  In the opening message, I identified the following questions we will address:

Has God spoken?

What has He said?

Do we have His Word?

If so, in what form?

How do we know?

I also outlined the subjects we would cover concerning God’s Word including:

How it came from God:  Revelation, Inspiration, Canonization

How it came to us:  Preservation, Transmission, Translation

How it profits us:  Illumination, Interpretation, Application

We covered the first step, Revelation, in the first two messages.  You can download the audio and outlines of these messages here.

I asked last night for your help in suggesting a title for this series.  I welcome your input.  Click on Comments below and give me your ideas.  I will take them into consideration and hopefully together we can produce a good title.

Every idea will be considered.  Obviously I can’t use every one, and may end up with a combination of several of the ideas that are submitted.  I hope that you will be blessed and will benefit from thinking about and discussing the topics above in order to share your ideas.  Thank you!

3 thoughts on “God has spoken to us. We have His Word.”

  1. Just so that you see results of your quest for a title, I am responding to let you know that I am thinking about it. So far I have only come up with silly sounding acronyms using the word Bible. For example: Boldly Illuminated Believable Life Expectations. Other ideas include the well used: The Bible: What does it mean today? Based on the Share Jesus Without Fear video, you could also call it Big Boomer Speaks.

  2. Ideas for title:

    “How God speaks.”
    “The Precious Words of God.”
    “The Bible: Where there is no revelation the people perish.”

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