Sandra Binney

Jim and Sandra Binney
Jim and Sandra Binney

I don’t know how many pastors, missionaries, and churches Dr. Jim and Sandra Binney have helped.  I know they have helped me.

Sandra fought hard and long, but ultimately the cancer that afflicted her was the means God used to take her from her earthly body and bring her to her eternal home just after 3 am, Sunday, April 19.

My first acquaintance with the Binneys was at Northland Family Camp about ten years ago.  Jim helped my heart and my church then.  I remember him calling Sandra “drop-dead gorgeous.”  She is!  We loved them so much that week we took them home with us.  Jim was free the weekend following camp, and agreed to come to our church and preach that Sunday.

My appreciation for the Binneys grew when I was called to pastor Calvary in 2003.  Jim had been the interim pastor for the previous year.  He and Sandra faithfully guided the flock through a critical transition period and prepared the way for the new shepherd.

Since then, Jim has been a mentor to me, encouraging and praying for me, counseling me through struggles, and helping me with some extremely challenging ministry issues.  Jim has driven me deep into the Word.  He has shown me how to experience fullness of life in Jesus Christ.  I can honestly say that I would not be ministering today were it not for Jim and Sandra Binney’s influence in my life.

Sandra is warm, gracious and dignified.  She is the ultimate in extending hospitality.  She has been Jim’s partner in making many discouraged, hurting, fallen servants of God feel welcome, at ease, and comfortable sharing their deepest struggles so that they could receive genuine, nonjudgmental, life-giving counsel.  She has played a vital role in restoring hurting, desperate, broken ministry workers to wholeness and fruitfulness.

Jim and Sandra together have rescued many, many servants of God – their personal lives, marriages, and ministries – from defeat and ruin.  They have prevented many problems as well by equipping through conferences, books, and personal counsel.  Jim is the preacher, counselor, and writer, but Sandra has always been his perfect complement and assistant.  Only the Master knows all that Sandra has done for His servants and His name.

I hurt for Jim.  I miss Sandra.  I wonder if the members and ministers of Christ’s body will realize what we have lost.

I know Sandra is already enraptured in the eternal celebration.  Her being there heightens my anticipation.

Enjoy, Sandra.  We’ll be there soon.

Speaking of God

Our family talks a lot at meals. Sometimes we even talk to each other.

I like to watch and listen as the conversation jumps from one topic to another and as three conversations happen all at once. One of my girls sometimes carries on a conversation with herself.

Occasionally I attempt to get a word in. My comment or story often has nothing to do with the current subject(s). I just want to say what’s on my mind. So if, for example, I want to share our puppy’s latest entertaining antic, I’ll interject, “Speaking of the dog…” Someone will almost always observe, “We weren’t talking about the dog,” which is my cue to point out, “We are now!” and tell my Hobo story.

In a similar way, I want to get a word in and share my stories – about God. What I post here will be my way to join (interrupt) the conversation and convey what is on my mind about the magnificence of God, the wonders of Jesus Christ, His gifts to us, and our life in Him.

The primary discussion circle is our church family, but others are welcome. The content will be directly related to the Old and New Testament Scriptures, and usually associated with texts I am currently preaching. It will occasionally include other ideas and issues catching my attention or gripping my heart. There will be links and resources that will help you further explore and contemplate what we talk about in Sunday’s sermons. Various thought, discussion, and application facilitators will be added as we develop the site.

If you want to join the conversation, comments are welcome. Your interaction with others is a form of fellowship. Enjoy sharing the blessings of the Word with one another. All of the biblical precepts for constructive and gracious communication apply. I may jump in occasionally.

So, “blah, blah, blah… yada, yada, yada… didja hear… didja know… what’s up with that… type… text… talk… twitter…”

(Ahem) Speaking of God…

“We weren’t talking about God.”

We are now!