Monday Morning Devotion – Your Personality is Part of God’s Plan

READING Exodus 1-2

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God’s plan to use Moses as a leader and deliverer for His chosen, oppressed people encompassed Moses’ whole life. It also took into account his personality.

How would you describe Moses from observing him in Exodus 2? I would say he had a strong sense of justice. This is what motivated him to intervene when he saw the Egyptian beating a Hebrew. This sense of justice also prompted him to stand up to the shepherds who ran the girls off from the well.

Possibly he also felt care for people at a disadvantage, such as the enslaved Hebrew and the defenseless shepherd girls.

These traits prompted Moses’ reactions – striking down the abusive Egyptian and standing up to the churlish shepherds.

Moses’ sense of justice and willingness to stand up to oppressors were traits that made him a perfect fit for the role God had for him of standing up to Pharaoh and leading the Israelites out of Egypt.

In a similar way, God has a plan for all who are in ministry. He has people for you to minister to and lead. He guides your life circumstances to prepare you and place you. He even uses your personality, which has both strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes your strength is your weakness. But you are a good fit for the place and people you serve.

You may have a hard time seeing this when you’re in the midst of week-to-week ministry. But after years of faithful ministry, you can look back and see how God used your personality, gifts, and passion to shepherd your flock, guide your church, and minister to your people in specific ways that fit His grand purpose and build up His body, the church.

Thank you for guiding the circumstances of my birth, my life. Thank you for how your plan has included the time, place, and circumstances into which I was born. You redeem my personality from being out of control and destructive and shape it to be controlled and directed to accomplish your purpose. Please continue this shaping process. Help me be content with who I am while always growing toward who you made me to be.

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