The Pathway to Pastoral Ministry – Get Involved

Part of my life’s mission is to encourage young men considering pastoral ministry. I hope these articles will be helpful. If you haven’t already read them, here are the first and second posts. Now for a quick one.

One of the simplest steps you can take as you consider being a pastor is to get involved in ministry. “Ministry” is not just the name of a profession. It is serving. To minister is to serve.

There are ways you can be serving in your church right now. Getting involved in ministry will help you know whether it is your life’s calling or not.

Talk with your pastor or other leader in your church and offer to help in any way that is needed. You may be asked to serve in practical ways such as greeting, ushering, or setting up for events. You might even be asked to share a testimony, give a short message, or visit someone along with your pastor.

If your church does Vacation Bible School or something similar, that is a great time experience ministry. Some Christian camps use teens and young adults for counselors. Volunteer for a week or more!

If your church has small group settings such as Life Groups, Community Groups, or anything like that, get involved in one. Even if not many guys your age attend, give it a try. The church body connects in these settings, and you will discover opportunities to serve other believers. If you’re unsure how to get involved, ask the group leader.

These are all good ways to taste ministry. They also enable people around you to observe your life. These people may encourage you to pursue further opportunities to serve, which can be an indication that you are meant for a life of ministry.

In the next post we’ll talk about addressing your feelings of inadequacy as you consider pastoral ministry.

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