Thank You, Merry Christmas, and a Blessed Beginning to 2016

I am grateful to you who read, thoughtfully consider, and share what I write here.

Why I write:

  • I write to think. Writing helps me organize, refine, and articulate what’s going on in my heart and head.
  • I write to learn. Putting my ideas into writing pushes me to know what I’m talking about and to thoroughly investigate my topics.
  • I write to help. I share from my study and experience in order to encourage, teach, and bless those who read.
  • I write to shape. I hope my ideas influence others. I want to have a voice that reaches more than just a few people, and that contributes to the maturing process of the body of Christ.

So far in 2015,

  • has had 4,631 visitors and 8,465 page views.
  • The site has had visitors from the following countries:
    United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, South Africa, Spain, Singapore, Philippines, Mexico, Ireland, Brazil, Romania, Sweden, India, New Zealand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Peru, Austria, Guam, Argentina, France, Swaziland, Kenya, Taiwan, South Korea, Croatia, Thailand, Lithuania, Russia, Malaysia, European Union, Nigeria, Bermuda, Switzerland, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Israel, Caribbean Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Zambia, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka
  • The home page is the most viewed, so it’s hard to tell which single articles are the most popular, but the most viewed new posts this year, in addition to the home page, are:
    Sunday Evening Services are Dying
    Ashley Madison
    Church Member Migration Part 1  and Part 2
    Some of the Tipping, Tithing, and Grace Giving series

Thank you for reading. I hope you learn, grow, and are encouraged. Have a great holiday season and celebration of our Savior’s birth.


One thought on “Thank You, Merry Christmas, and a Blessed Beginning to 2016”

  1. Thank you for writing and sharing, Pastor. I do get encouraged by some of the things that you write and also share them with others.
    Have a blessed Christmas with the family and a happy, healthy New Year.

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