Here’s What’s Coming Up

This will be a newsy update on a few important things going on in the life of our church and my preaching and teaching. I’ll return to the Grace of Giving series of articles and complete it within the next couple of weeks.

Last night we (the pastors) began introducing a new opportunity for growth and fellowship called Community Groups. This new element of church life is already being developed as two of our pastors are currently training people who will lead and support the groups. The opportunity for our church family to get involved will start in September of this year. We are sharing some details about Community Groups to various audiences within the church this week and next in order to address the ways it will impact them specifically and answer immediate questions. We will make a full presentation of Community Groups on Sunday, May 31 in our 10:30 AM worship service. Join us on that day to worship the Lord together, learn from His Word, and share in what God is doing in the life of our church. I am very excited to introduce this to you and to see the fruit of this new ministry as it is implemented this Fall.

Here is what I plan to preach on in our Sunday morning gatherings this summer. I know, technically summer doesn’t start until June 21, but let’s get a head start on enjoying it :).

  • Sunday mornings, June 7 and 14, I will preach on what it means to be Under Grace. My perception is that everyone, including believers and those who are far from God, need to learn what this means, or deepen their understanding of it. I think some live in ignorance because they don’t fully understand it, some live in bondage because they lack an appreciation for all it includes, and some misapply it because they don’t balance it with the full teaching of Scripture. I desire to grow in my understanding and appreciation of what it means to be Under Grace, so I look forward to digging into the Scriptures and sharing it with you.
  • Sunday mornings, June 21 – July 26, I will be preaching on True Community. This study of what real community, or “fellowship” as many know it, looks like in our lives, will help us get beyond the idea that fellowship consists of Christians being in the same place together, watching the same thing together, drinking coffee from the same white Styrofoam cups together, or going to activities together. We will learn that we ARE in fellowship with one another, and we will grow in how to PRACTICE fellowship with one another. This study will also relate to the beginning of Community Groups mentioned above.

There’s a glimpse of what’s coming up. I look forward to sharing the Word and growing together with you.

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